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Our e-Learning portal offers unique STEM courses for children and adults, seamlessly merging STEM concepts with the power of creativity, empowering them to pursue higher education and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit. We collaborate with educational youth organizations to create innovative programs that bridge the gap in access to STEM education and career opportunities.

Enrolling now: 100 Black Girls STEAM!

Dr. Jasmine L. Sadler group photo at museum exhibit

Our professional learning opportunities help educators and educational leaders integrate STEM and the Arts into their curriculum, connecting education to their everyday lives. Our signature STEAM Leaders Summit connects and inspires youth with diverse role models in STEM and the Arts. We are proud to grow other small businesses by subcontracting our own preferred vendors.

Dr. Jasmine L. Sadler at Comic Con

Our background in Six Sigma allows us to offer operational project management consulting services to #theSTEAMcollabs partner organizations, driving their mission forward. We create Standard Operating Procedures, growing capacity for staffing, training, program efficiency, and applying for future grant funding opportunities.

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STEAM Cultural Enrichment

The STEAM Collaborative works with Directors and Managers of informal education youth organizations to design, implement, and manage STEAM Equity programming.

  • Education Consultant
  • Real-World Projects
  • Online Tutoring
  • Collab Members
Group of Blue Heart Mentors including Jasmine L. Sadler
Jasmine in a flower dress during a dance move
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  • Diverse EducationEd.D., MBA, Engineer
  • Diverse EngineerAerospace, Software, Test, Quality
  • Diverse EntrepreneurCurrent Progress of the STEAM University

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  • This company is phenomenal. I needed help with developing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) program for my business and Jasmine was able to consult with me tremendously! She not only provided feedback, but also gave suggestions on where to find resources, tools, and other things to ensure the program will succeed. Speaking with Jasmine helped me get precisely what I was looking for. I highly recommend!

    Jayton Harps in a vest and tie in front of a microphone
    Jayton Harps
    Software Integration Engineer II
  • Great resource for STEM/STEAM education for leaders and learners!!

    Brian Ware in a black suit holding an award
    Brian Ware
    Project Manager
  • We met at a community event at the Jacob Center and you were speaking to the youth. From there I wanted to support you due to your love for the community. Everytime I see you your smile is full. You are inspiration to alot of people.
    The STEAM Collaborative keeps minds prepared for the future.

    Chris Jefferson
    Creative Director
  • Thank you very much!I hope you are well.  I loved loved the webinar! Great questions btw!  Her comments resonated with me because I also like to draw fashion illustrations but at the same time I love the healthcare field. I love that fact that she embraced both of her passions and brought them to fruition. For me, it was something that I struggled with in college because I felt I had to choose between the two. So the way she balances her  artistic and and scientific exemplifies what my ideal career would look like

    NYU Student
    Senior year

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