On behalf of The STEAM Collaborative and Hands-On Technology Education, I am pleased to invite you to our VIP Suite at the Biocom Festival of Science & Engineering held on Saturday, 3/7/20 at 1:15-2:00pm. 

Our goal for the VIP Suite is to present our most important stakeholders with exciting STEAM Education demos and an opportunity to brainstorm on future STEAM education collaborations. For this particular event, we will have Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence for Kids demos so it should be a great time to connect and maybe even learn something new!
We are scheduling 45 minute time slots at the event and would like to invite you to meet at 1:15pm-2:00pm on the day of Saturday, 3/7/20 at Booth RF12.

Please see the flyer above for more information and how to confirm a time for the event.
Thanks for your consideration and we hope to talk to you soon! #LoveSTEMsd
Jasmine L. Sadler and Dr. Korey Sewell

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