A Jasmine-Centered Lesson Plan http://www.earthsciweek.org/ifthen/profiles/sadler/index.html

This entire lesson plan was created with The STEAM Collaborative founder
Jasmine L. Sadler as the Focus!

WOW! I honestly still can’t believe this exists!
Thank You Thank You Thank You for this opportunity!

Jasmine L. Sadler, AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador

Lyda Hill Philanthropies, Nautilus, and the American Geosciences Institute are proud to collaborate through Earth Science Week to advance the vision of IF/THENĀ®, an initiative of Lyda Hill Philanthropies in promoting girls and women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Below, please see my presentation during the roll out of these Lesson Plans! This is so cool that actual people can make dreams into reality. I look forward to doing this throughout my life. Thank you again Ed Robeck and Aida Awad for communicating with me through this wonderful experience!

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