The STEAM Collaborative: Exponentially Increase Equity in Education

The STEAM Collaborative is more than just a network of organizations; it's Since 2014, we've partnered with over 100 youth-focused groups across San Diego to empower under-represented communities through STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).

The STEAM Collaborative, a vibrant network of 100+ partner organizations, a movement for educational equity that empowers youth and their educational leaders to thrive in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) alongside their endeavors in the Arts. Founded in San Diego, California in 2014, we recognize the underrepresentation of Black women in STEM fields and the widening opportunity gap for girls of color. The STEAM Collaborative bridges the gap in higher education research, workforce readiness, and entrepreneurship through collaborative programs and resources.

How we ignite the spark


Online Courses

Our e-Learning portal offers unique STEM courses for children and adults, seamlessly merging STEM concepts with the power of creativity, empowering them to pursue higher education and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

Empowering Educators

We equip mentors and teachers with professional development opportunities to cultivate a thriving learning environment. We collaborate with educational youth organizations to create innovative programs that bridge the gap in access to STEM education and career opportunities. Our signature STEAM Leaders Summit connects and inspires youth with diverse role models in STEM and the Arts.

Consulting Services

We provide operational project management consulting to partner organizations, driving their mission forward.
We also provide professional learning opportunities for educators, helping them effectively integrate STEM and the Arts into their curriculum.

Our vision: A future where every individual, regardless of background, unlocks their boundless potential through equitable access to STEAM education. We foster a sense of belonging for future leaders, igniting their entrepreneurial spirit and nurturing well-rounded individuals who can solve local problems and shape their own destinies.

Jasmine L. Sadler, Founder

Meet Our Team

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A Great Place to Grow

  • The STEAM Collaborative is an informal network of more than 100 partner organizations focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) education, founded in San Diego in 2014.  Its mission is to exponentially increase equity in education by collaborating with educational youth organizations to design, implement, and manage STEAM equity programming. Due to the barriers and trauma that many Black women experience during their educational journey, they are among the most underrepresented groups in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) pipeline (Alfred et al., 2019; Collins et al., 2020; Fouad et al., 2017). Some have argued that starting early with advancing STEM learning itself for Black girls (Alfred et al., 2019; Carlone & Johnson, 2007; Collins et al., 2020; King & Pringle, 2019; Wade-Jaimes et al., 2021) can improve on the lack of representation of Black women in STEM. The STEAM Collaborative was established in response to the growing disparity between Black girls and opportunities for technical careers alongside their artistic endeavors. 

The STEAM Collaborative aims to address the deepening gap in access to STEM education, workforce readiness, and career opportunities for under-resourced communities. The STEAM Collaborative leverages their collective expertise to create and implement programs that promote equity and prepare youth for success in STEM and Arts fields. In its own e-Learning portal, the STEAM Collaborative creates unique STEM educational courses for children and adults, organizes its signature event the STEAM Leaders Summit, provides operational project management consulting, and provides educator professional learning.

Driven by a passion to dismantle barriers and empower underserved communities, the STEAM Collaborative fosters a sense of belonging for future leaders equipped to excel in STEM fields. Through innovative, meticulously designed courses that seamlessly blend STEM and the Arts, the STEAM Collaborative not only empowers students and educators to pursue higher education, but also ignites their entrepreneurial spirit, and nurtures well-rounded individuals who can solve local problems and shape their own destinies. By actively dismantling barriers and democratizing access to knowledge, we will unlock the boundless potential and advance life outcomes of every individual, regardless of socioeconomic background or ethnicity.