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The STEAM Collaborative's History

Collaborating with over 50 organizations since 2014, The STEAM Collaborative increases the number of diverse children – of all genders and cultures – pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, alongside artistic endeavors (STEAM).  The STEAM Collaborative Designs, Organizes, and Implements STEAM Programs with Directors and Managers of youth-focused, informal education organizations.

The mission is to exponentially increase equity in education. The STEAM Collaborative is proud to work with Black owned STEAM Entrepreneurs for services in IT/Web (Jermil Sadler), Sales (Brittany Miller), Legal (Maresa Talbert), and Finance (Cory Morrison).

Han Lee Global Industries

Sponsorship Package/ Online Course

Need help framing your sponsorships? Ready to uncover the true value of your programming that funders will actually pay for? Enroll in our members only course to work one on one with a marketing and sales leader to create your co-branded sponsorship package and special offer toolkit. Learn how to meet more donors, serve more consumers, and grow your programming using the same system the STEAM Collaborative uses. Let’s work together! 

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Women in Engineering mentors for girls

STEMME Pals combines the joy of having summer pen pals with a technology twist. The web-based program regularly initiates contact with mentees. By sending reminders and automatically contacting mentees both electronically and through mailed care packages, scholars confidently schedule a meeting with their mentor.
A program funded by AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador Program by Lyda Hill Foundation.

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STEAM Identity and Diversity

Trained as a rocket scientist and ballerina, Ms. Jasmine L. Sadler, MBA lives her life on purpose as the CEO+Visionary of The STEAM Collaborative.  After her 10 year career as an aerospace engineer at Fortune 100 companies, Jasmine L. Sadler, MBA (CEO+Visionary) left that career Not due to her skillset or passion for the job. Companies need diversity in STEAM jobs!  With a background in quality, we are always focused on the root cause and ask Why?  We are confident there are lots of other aerospace engineers out there, if only students were given access and education to form that identity.

Real-World Career Access

The STEAM Collaborative ensures more diversity in our workforce.  We provide Access and Real-world applications in STEAM, and show scholars career opportunities so that when they join the workforce, they will remain successfully engaged in their career.

When companies embrace diversity, it positively impacts equity, inclusion, and the bottom line.

Community Awards and Activist

The STEAM Collaborative continues to serve the community in several African-American, Engineering, and Arts organizations.  Our awards include 2020 Connect All at the Jacobs Center Pitch Competition, 2020 San Diego Regional Chamber Lead Advance, 2019 Blue Heart Activist of the Year, 2019 Moxie Theatre Awards, 2018 PLNU MBA Student of the Year, 2018 UofM Making A Difference Award, 2017 Global Social Innovation Challenge and the 2017 Hera Hub STEAM Trailblazer Award

Jasmine delivers her inspirational testimony internationally at workshops, conferences panels and speaking engagements. She is a proud Lifetime Member of the National Society of Black Engineers and the University of Michigan Alumni Association.  She is also an Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. member, Women Give San Diego Fellow, San Diego Repertory Theatre Board of Trustees, Innovation Collaborative Advisory Board member, and AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador.

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