• July 23, 2020 - 6:00pm

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Our Panel–> https://sched.co/d23Q
#ComicConAtHOME 2020 will launch July 22nd-July27th.
LXS is so excited to be hosting a panel with Extraordinary Scientists & Engineers on July 23 at 6pm!

League of Extraordinary Scientists & Engineers love COMIC CON. We love the interaction and incredible questions we get during our panel. This year is a bit different so we did what all great scientists do – WE GATHERED DATA. We collected data from all of our past panels and came up with the most asked question of each of us at our previous panels to have ONE FOCUSED EXTRAORDINARY ANSWER –
What is considered by many to be Super Natural or Super Heroish that is SUPER NORMAL in the world of scientist/engineers ?

Jeane Wong (Founder & Educator, LXS) Hosts a Mind Blowing Panel about the EXTRAORDINARY – Jeane is obsessed with science and has a solid origin with superheroes and teaching young minds about discovering those same powers in the real world – from tiny insects to deep ocean creatures to robots, rockets, and beyond! Join Jeane, along with her LXS panel guests Dr. Tom Darlington (chief scientist, NanoComposix), Ben Frable (marine biologist, Scripps Institution of Oceanography), Dr. Sunny Fugate (technical director for cyber warfare, Naval Information Warfare Center), Dr. Nicholas Galitzki (edge of the universe explorer/cosmologist, Simons Observatory), Lisa Zeigler Allen PhD (J. Craig Venter Institute Microbial & Environmental Genomics), Molly Matty, PhD (Dr. DNA, Salk Institute for Biological Studies), Jasmine L. Sadler (rocket scientist & CEO, The STEAM Collaborative), and Angela Zoumplis (Extremophile Explorer, @jcventerinstitute & Scripps Institute of Oceanography). They will discuss how comics and science fiction push scientists and engineers to rocket past what we know is possible at any given moment and into an otherwise unimaginable future! Come curious and leave inspired!”
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  • Start Date:July 23, 2020
  • Start Time:6:00pm
  • End Date:July 23, 2020
  • End Time:7:00pm
  • Website:https://sched.co/d23Q