ScienceING Chats at #LoveSTEMsd

Presented by: League of Extraordinary Scientists and Engineers
LXS ScienceING Chats – LXS will host the #ScienceING Chats for the fifth year. Come and learn directly from amazing scientists and engineers at this FREE TO ALL event! Each Chat will be 45 minutes. Learn about their careers and what sparked them to world of science, technology, engineering and math! Following the discussion, there will be time for the audience to participate in extended conversations and Q&A.

10:30 am Angela Zoumplis – Extremophile Explorer – The best pizza joint in Antarctica

11a – Kimberly Walthall – Senior Scientist & Dr. Tom Darlington – Chief Scientists Nano Composix –
Nano tech & YOU- Chat about: biological applications of Nano and Engineering Light with nanomaterials.

11:30 – Dr. Sarah Smith – Meet microscopic diatoms, charismatic phytoplankton at the base of ocean food webs.

12:00- Dr. Sunny Fugate – Senior Research Scientist SPAWAR – Chat about: Biologically Inspired Cyber Defense

12:30 Dr. Molly A. Matty – (AKA DR. DNA) Salk Institute – DNA & Worms

1pm – Dr. Lisa Ziegler Allen – J. Craig Venter Institute & Scripps Institution of Oceanography –
Tiny yet MIGHTY!The outside role of viruses in the global ecosystem.

1:30 – Dr. Nicholas Galitski – Cosmologist #simmonsobservatory

2pm Dr. Andy E. Allen– J Craig Venter Institute – Genomics & Ocean Phytoplankton –

2:30p Ben Frable – Collections Manager & Elan Portner at Scripps Institution of Oceanography –

3pm Jasmine Sadler MBA Engineer – Engineers a new perspective on Diversity

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