In 2020, I was contacted by Sarah Partridge, a jazz vocalist and composer who said she wanted to write a song about me for her new album honoring women in STEM, and STEAM! The project’s goal was to bring powerful messages to audiences and women everywhere.  With the help of the AAAS IF/THEN mini grant, the song “Adorn The World” was written. Now, Sarah’s entire album, BEAUTIFUL MINDS: CELEBRATING EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN, has been released and is available for purchase

Download at:

If you click this link and order a download and/or a CD, not only will you enjoy these musical stories, but 20% of the sale will go to the STEAM Collaborative.

Support the Arts and support STEAM!

This project is truly one of a kind. Every song is inspirational and certainly inspires women and girls to pursue their dreams in STEM and STEAM. These songs were composed with great reverence for the ten remarkable and courageous women. They fought for their passion, their voice, and most of all, for their vision to improve the world. The listener will have learned about some women through the ages who have achieved amazing things!

The project was a success!  Through this project, Sarah was not only impressed by how anyone could understand the complicated subjects involved in science and technology, but also to accomplish so much in a male-dominated profession. One common thread Sarah found between herself and all of these women is a passion for what we do. Partridge says, “My hope is to introduce the world to these courageous women through music: Women who have overcome mountains of challenges to achieve what they have. I’d like the music to embody the flavor of their lives so that it inspires women everywhere to enter the STEM fields, and hopefully embrace jazz music!

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