I am so proud of this work and excited to share my lessons with my sisters, brothers, and new mentees! Balancing Your Own Center of Gravity has been a labor of love for the past few years as a way to document my path and learnings as a hyperproductive STEM Professional. You do not have to be in the STEM pipeline to get the benefits of this Manual. Each section begins with a STEM Equation, and it is translated into real-world applications. This is how I learned Science Technology Engineering and Math equations as an Aerospace Engineer, and still remember them years later. Thank you T.I.E. Ink for making this dream a reality.

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A Manual for Hyperproductive STEM Professionals
Balancing Your Own Center of Gravity is a manual unlike any other. Created for students on the STEM track, the guidance shared in this book is easily applicable to early-stage professionals in any field. With lessons ranging from time management and prioritization, to social groups and family ties, the knowledge curated in this text is formulated to assist young adults through the challenging crossroads where life meets career.

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