Life Science Young Leaders. One application, Four internship programs.
Universal application Deadline 11:59 p.m., FRIDAY, APRIL 1st Deadline extended Friday, APRIL 8, 2022

Karen Overklift and Jasmine Sadler had the opportunity to extend Biocom Institute’s invitation for the Life Science Young Leaders program to student applicants at Morse High School. We presented the information in the school auditorium to 7 classes of over 200 total students. Thanks so much for the great leadership of Head Counselor, Ms. Ward and the 4 advanced science teachers. This year, there is a strategic push to have students from San Diego Unified School District’s (SDUSD) Morse High School, Lincoln High School, Hoover High School, and Crawford High School! These internships are PAID and help our scholars see the real work environments of real scientists. Thank you Biocom California Institute, University of California San Diego OPTIMUS and SPARK, Salk Institute, and Cebus. Just as we had the students do, take 2 minutes to research the highlights of each institution below.

Key Components of the Program  
Resume & Interview Coaching
Networking & Development Opportunities: Essential Skills for Life Science Professionals Training
Certificate of Completion

Questions: Contact Karen Overklift, Biocom California Institute

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