Ed.D. Educational Leadership EDS 280 Rethinking Leadership: Reflective Journal #4

The theme for our final weekend of class was Psychological Safety. In business, it “allows for moderate risk-taking, speaking your mind, creativity, and sticking your neck out without fear of having it cut off”. Since we are Educational Leaders, we need to be self-aware and know when we are getting in our own way with what Kegan and Lahey have termed “Competing Commitments”.
Thank you for the psychological safety to share my commitment and competing commitments with you. Not making this information widely public has allowed me to let the competing commitment have a hold on me! Please encourage me and hold me accountable for getting this book to you in 2021.


I am committed to…
What am I Doing or Not Doing That Prevents My Commitment from Being Fully Realized
Competing Commitment  

Self-protection and discomfort
Big Assumption  

I assume that if…then…..
Releasing my book.              I am not reading the draft.  

I do not have an accountability partner.  

I do not tell people I am releasing a book.  

I am not setting a release date.
I have the commitment, but this competing commitment has me!  

I don’t have a real plan on what to do with it.   

I am committed to my way of slowly reviewing the current book context and editing as I go along.
If I release the book…then…  

I’ll actually have to do it and then do another one.  

It won’t be good.  
People will get to know me more personally.  

I will be misunderstood or taken out of context.  
My commitment was planned to release in 2020, and now has lingered through 2021.

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