STEAM Collaborative is extremely excited to present the 2022 STEAM Leaders Summit: The Documentary Saturday, November 19, 2022 9am-2pm. Remaining tickets are very limited, and we are excited to share the invitation widely with our network and beyond.

Beginning Monday, November 14, 2022 the STEAM Collaborative will present the STEM+Arts Exhibition at Oya Art Gallery, which will culminate in the STEAM Leaders Summit: The Documentary. This live recording invites guests to explore the exhibition and provide feedback on the future of education to be used for future research.

The program is intended for STEAM leaders, informal educators, community stakeholders, and families who are curious about inclusive education. In the wake of afrofuturism showcased by the premiere of Wakanda Forever, how can we apply these concepts to our current education system?

Hosted at Oya Art Gallery, this year’s STEAM Leaders Summit will provide guests with an immersive way to experience the work the STEAM Collaborative has done over the past 8 years to curate and create the foundational elements of the future of STEM+Arts education, curriculum, philosophy and mission.

Featured Black-Owned Collaborations: Oya Art Gallery & Boutique, Come Through Creative Agency, Triton Consulting NYC, San Diego’s Wakanda Forever Private Premiere.

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