This year has been the best of my life!
There has been so much growth, unlearning, and self-validation to adapt through this unprecedented year.

two photos of jasmine side by side.  1 from 2019 and one from 2020
Smiling bigger and brighter: 2019 to 2020

Top 3 Lessons

1. Never Stop Learning!

Many thanks to Connect All at the Jacobs Center for taking The STEAM Collaborative in a direction to be sustainable business that can hire qualified people in the City of San Diego to help reduce the unemployment rate. Applications are due Today for the next cohort of San Diego Low to Moderate Income and Diverse Founders.

I have also been accepted to the Joint Doctoral Program at UCSD and CSUSM Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership Cohort 17, starting January 2021!

2. Unlearn that Corporate Trauma!

I am so thankful for these opportunities and many more:
Master Class with the Dancing Rocket Scientist
Academy of Our Lady of Peace Women’s Symposium
Black In Business B.E.L.L.

These have given me a soapbox that I have proudly stood on to speak my truth about my experience working as an Engineer in the Aerospace and Energy industries. The healing has been amazing. Imposter syndrome is not real! You don’t have to convince people who have approached you! You are more than enough just by breathing! Own your power! Protect your energy!

3. Take help when it’s offered!

I greatly appreciate all of the hard work by the team that has allowed me to be a AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador. The Initiative gave me the last bit of inspiration I needed to quit my job one month after the Ambassador Summit! My Electronic Press Kit (EPK) , Statue Exhibit, and Lesson Plan continues to lead more girls to become Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) Professionals! Thank you for the Mini-Grant, which will allow for mentors to keep in touch with their mentees, as well as allowed me to commission a jazz song written about me for Portraits of Wisdom.

Don’t be too proud to ask for help or apply for those grants. I am so proud of the Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce (CSDBCC) who raised over $1 Million in 60 days “to ensure Black businesses and the Black community are resilient in the wake of these tragedies, and they need your support NOW more than ever. “

What’s coming up?

Black Unity Holiday Soiree

12/4/2020 Black Unity Holiday Soiree The STEAM Collaborative’s Annual Holiday Party “New Opportunities New Partnerships“. All are welcome to purchase an event ticket to join us at the 2020 Black Unity Holiday Soiree Pick Up Party, where we will be officially launching the Black Unity Holiday Soiree Wine Collection in collaboration with Splash Wine Lounge. This is finally an opportunity for my out of town network to get involved in the experience. Purchase a Remote Ticket or Remote Partner level and have the Party shipped to you!

It’s [YOUR]preneurship!

11/19/2020 It’s (Your)preneurship! Two of my little sisters in Engineering will share this space with me! My co-panelist, Gerrae Cotton, is taking charge in her career as an Engineering Team Lead in Detroit, MI. I’m so proud of Jasmine LeFlore as she continues to build Greater Than Tech.

The REP We Are Listening

11/19/2020 The REP “We Are Listening” I’m so proud to be on the Board of Trustees for the San Diego Repertory Theatre where I can bring more Diversity and STEM to the Arts! Join Ahmed Dents, Jacole Kitchen host a conversation with influential Black artists about what they have faced and how the future must change followed by a Q&A.

Thanks so much for your continued support during each milestone of
The STEAM Collaborative!

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