Hello Family! Five years ago today, September 12, 2014, I officially became a CEO! Many of you have been there with me every step of the way from when I started tutoring math out of my apartment. Then, to planning events and speaking on the importance of diversity in Technical education from an Artistic perspective with The STEAM Collaborative. On to learning more about business through graduating my MBA program with a 4.0 and as Student of the Year. Today, I have the honor to officially launch my new Social Brand, Jas:Maven, specializing in Connecting the Right People. Thank you God for giving me the vision that is much greater than this and for ordering every step along the way! Thank you family, friends, and collabors for your support as I continue to serve you and pay it forward. 

With Love, Jasmine @theSTEAMcollab @theJasMaven

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  1. Marl Gunn

    Jas!!! SO PROUD of you and the light you are! Im on travel starting Saturday early so Im not going to be able to make this. We have to get together soon though. Much love and blessings as always!!!


  2. Joyce Suber

    Congratulations on five successful years! Bless you Jasmine for the impactful work you do throughout the San Diego community. You’re making a difference.

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